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What would be Gustave Eiffel's reaction if he had known that his work has been an inspiration for a new eating-place in Jakarta? Branché, a casual French bistro located in senopati road No. 33, is a new hangout spot characterized by its industrial pop nuances. To most people who call Jakarta as home, the busy bustling life of Jakarta demands a one stop place for people to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a place to enjoy a good glass of wine and wind down from Jakarta’s hecticnes. Branché’s exterior and interior concept have been greatly influenced by Richard hamilton’s Pop Art style of the 80s, this concept can certainly be a new breath to the already bored and banal cafe atmospheres in town. Branché bistro is designed to be simple yet classy to build a stunning impression while still promoting comfort. Branché is the French word for “hip” and has literally become the soul and culture of our bistro.

Branche Bistro is open

7 days a week from 11am -12 night weekdays, and 11 am - 2 am weekends.

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